Beverly Habada

Title: Town Administrator
Phone: 301-336-0626

Beverly Habada, M.U.R.P. 

Town Administrator, Town of Capitol Heights

Ms. Habada’s first professional position in 1981 as City Planner, serving the citizens of the City of Seat Pleasant, brought her first success as a proposal writer.   Working with City Administrator Eddie Tobias, the City of Seat Pleasant submitted and was awarded a $906,000 Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) in 1984 by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to finance the Addison Plaza shopping center project.  It was the only UDAG award ever made in Prince George’s County.

In 1984, after three years of service to Seat Pleasant, Ms. Habada was appointed Assistant City Administrator for the City of Takoma Park, Maryland.  She was subsequently appointed City Manager of Takoma Park and served in that capacity from 1992 until 1999. During her tenure with the City, she was the Chief strategist on winning approval from the Maryland General Assembly to allow for a Takoma Park citizen vote on unifying the City into one County that led to the Unification of the City of Takoma into Montgomery County in 1997.

Ms. Habada is an accomplished proposal writer and has been working with small cities and non-profit organizations for over 25 years.  Since July 2017, her proposal writing work for the Town of Capitol Heights, MD., has produced funding awards of $1,500,000 for Town projects and the purchase of vehicles.


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